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Swimming Pools and Spas - New requirements for your conveyance
Amendments to the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2010 will affect all pool and spa owners. Vendors will be required to supply a valid Certificate of Compliance or Non-Compliance as a part of their Contract for Sale. This requirement also... Read More >
Calling All Foreign Investors!
Want to purchase a brand new property in Australia as a foreign investor and receive AU$5,000? Read More >
Foreign Investment In Australia
Foreign Investment NZ Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith, talks with Duncan Garner and Geri Forsaith from Sydney Property Conveyancing about foreign investment in NZ and Australia. Dr Smith spoke about the complexities of the issue in New Zealand and Ms Forsaith how... Read More >
Acting for both parties? I don't think so....
We recently decided to buy a property in Sydney’s inner west. We found out that our licensed conveyancer is also acting for the vendor.  Isn’t this illegal? What should we do about it?   Read More >
Cammeray Specialist
Anthony Cowie of LJ Hooker Mosman interviews Cammeray Conveyancing SpecialistSee the following link for LJ Hooker Mosman: https://mnb.ljhooker.com.au/ Read More >
I'm Engaged!
I'm Engaged!If more referrals, happier customers and higher sale prices sound good, you’d better become acquainted with the art of engagement.This article first ran in the REINSW's journal in May 2012 and is republished here for our clients.... Read More >
Beware air conditioning that can put your sale on ice
Beware air conditioning that can put your sale on iceYou’ve been negotiating with a purchaser for days. You’re finally ready to exchange. Then you find out there’s an unapproved air conditioning unit installed on the common property and now the purchaser is about to walk away. What... Read More >
Transfer of Ownership
Transfer of OwnershipQ My father currently owns a one-third share of a property in NSW and would like to transfer his ownership to his two sons.What are the required steps in transferring his share of the property into his sons’ names, and what are the fees/costs... Read More >
Changing a Torrens Title property to several Strata Titles can increase the value of the property....here's how
Changing a Torrens Title property to several Strata Titles can increase the value of the property....here's how Q I found a block of units that’s being sold under one title. If I buy this property and strata-title it separately, what’s involved? What are the stepsto take when buying a block of units?A Changing an existing property from one... Read More >
Buying with other people
Buying with other peopleFor some would-be homeowners, teaming up with others could be the best way to crack the real estate market. Geri Forsaith, licensed conveyancer and founder of Sydney Property Conveyancing, explains the legal issues you need to be aware of.Despite... Read More >


Geri is a good sort. The whole process was easy and simple. I’d recommend Sydney Property Conveyancing to anyone. 11 out of 10!
— Jason Hodges
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