The owners of our firm also own and operate the following affiliated businesses, which compliment the services we provide and offer the same standard of excellence for our clients.

The owners of Sydney Property Conveyancing also own our affiliate company Teneo Corporate Lawyers, who specialise in corporate law. Our firms complement one another to ensure that our clients are able to receive excellent legal advice, no matter the type of issue.

Teneo Corporate Lawyers are a business-focused law firm that delivers practical and clear advice on a range of corporate and commercial matters. Whether you are seeking advice on property law, business law, dispute resolution or business insolvency & restructuring, we have a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals that are here to help. With offices in the Sydney CBD and North Sydney, we serve a range of clients with varying business and commercial problems. The team at Teneo Corporate Lawyers are led by accredited commercial litigation law specialist Craig Higginbotham, who has over 30 years experience in the industry. Our team of experts are focused on providing you with an accessible pathway to achieving your desired result.

This affiliation means both firms work hand in hand to meet the needs of all our clients. For those who are seeking advice on behalf of medium enterprises or larger corporations, Teneo Corporate Lawyers’ expertise in complex matters ensures you are provided with the best professional advice with an emphasis on achieving a successful commercial outcome. In circumstances where your business is involved in a dispute, Teneo Corporate Lawyers focus on achieving a resolution for your business through alternate dispute resolution mechanisms. This saves your business time, money and the uncertainty of pursuing protracted court action. Where a dispute can only be resolved through litigation, Teneo Corporate Lawyers are known as formidable litigators who fight vigorously for our clients and achieve successful results.

By considering both commercial and practical strategies, Teneo Corporate Lawyers will always give their clients skilled, frank, clear and practical advice. To find out more about our affiliate firm, visit their website.