Real Estate Institute of NSW

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales is the peak industry body for real estate agents and property professionals in NSW. The largest and most influential association of its kind in NSW, REINSW represents thousands of agents across the state. With a track record and reputation for delivering valued products and services, REINSW promotes and responds to the changing needs of members and boasts over 100 years of experience.


Australian Institute Conveyancers NSW Division

As the professional body representing licensed conveyancers in NSW the purpose of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division is to:

  • promote, reform and improve the conveyancing profession,
  • to represent the views of the profession and its members,
  • to encourage and promote the study of conveyancing, and
  • to encourage honourable conduct and best practices throughout the profession.

In order to achieve these objectives the Institute’s activities include:

  • lobbying Government and related bodies to improve and amend legislation
  • the provision of educational seminars and programs for members
  • the active promotion of the profession and conveyancing generally
  • the provision of tools to enable members to increase their competence and professional standards

As a member of a national organisation such as the Australian Institute of Conveyancers, the Division gains the benefits that go with a national profession and the Division has been, and always will, work closely with the national council of the Institute. Being a member of a national body the Division carries more weight when negotiating with government and related professional organisations and institutions.

The Division invites all conveyancers in NSW to become members and gain the benefits of being involved with the principle professional organisation representing conveyancers in this State. These benefits are only available to Institute members and we welcome all new inquiries and membership applications.


Revenue NSW

Revenue NSW is the state’s principal revenue management agency. They are guided by their vision, purpose and organisational values. Their strategic focus areas support us to achieve our vision.

Revenue NSW came into effect on 31 July 2017, following a name change from the Office of State Revenue and State Debt Recovery Office. All functions, administrative and legislative powers remain the same. We are part of the Department of Customer Service.

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Foreign Investment Review Board

The Board examines proposals by foreign interests to undertake direct investment in Australia and makes recommendations to the Government on whether those proposals are suitable for approval under the Government’s policy.

The main functions of the Board are:

  • to examine proposals by foreign interests for investment in Australia and, against the background of the Government’s foreign investment policy, to make recommendations to the Government on those proposals;
  • to advise the Government on foreign investment matters generally;
  • to foster an awareness and understanding, both in Australia and abroad, of the Government’s foreign investment policy;
  • to provide guidance, where necessary, to foreign investors so that their proposals may be in conformity with the policy; and
  • to monitor and ensure compliance with foreign investment policy.

The Board’s functions are advisory only. Responsibility for the Government’s foreign investment policy and for making decisions on proposals rests with the Treasurer. Many of the decisions requiring Ministerial consideration are made by the Assistant Treasurer.
The Board is assisted by an Executive which is part of the Treasury and also has available to it advice from other Commonwealth and State Government departments and authorities.


NSW Land Registry Service

NSW Land Registry Services operates the NSW land titles registry for the State Government and the people of New South Wales. The land titles registry underpins the state’s secure, efficient and guaranteed system of land ownership.

They create and maintain land titles information and sell land information products and services.

The community, business and government rely on this information for a variety of purposes including land management, conveyancing, property development, investment, local planning, state economic and social development and historical research.

Mortgage Choice


Every time a house is bought, sold or refinanced in Australia your lawyer, conveyancer and lender will most likely use a digital platform to settle your property, this is where PEXA comes in. PEXA’s world-first digital settlement platform has revolutionised the way we exchange property in Australia. By providing quicker access to the proceeds of a sale and near real-time tracking on property settlements, our network of financial institutions and legal and conveyancing firms helps over 20,000 families a week safely settle their homes.

NSW Fair Trading

NSW Fair Trading safeguards the rights of all consumers and advises business and traders on fair and ethical practice.

We provide services directly to individuals and businesses to create a fair, safe and equitable marketplace. The laws we administer set the rules for fairness in the countless daily transactions between consumers and traders. We investigate unfair practices and ensure that the products sold in NSW are safe and meet their regulations and safety standards. We register businesses, co-operatives and associations, and issue occupational licences so consumers can trust the people they are dealing with.