Your Pool Safe

//Your Pool Safe

The NSW state government has announced proposed legislation that will regulate safety compliance for an estimated 340,000 backyard pools in New South Wales.

Pools will be required to be listed on a mandatory statewide register which will involve a new set of safety compliance obligations.

How does the affect your sale or lease?

The new regulations require the vendor/lessor to have the property inspected and registered as compliant before your property can be sold or leased.

What are the costs?

Self registration is free.

Failure to register a pool could result in fines of up to $2200 for owners.

Safety compliance inspections conducted by councils or private operators expected cost of $150.

When is this due to start?

Local Government Minister Don Page said that pool owners will have 12 months to register and self-certify their pools and comply with current regulations and it was expected that the new laws would be introduced by in the spring session of parliament which ends on November 29th.

“Children’s safety is paramount, and very young children are most at risk,’’ Mr Page said.

“Whilst proper supervision is critical, it is important that every pool owner takes responsibility to make sure their pool complies with current regulations.’’

The government has estimated that an average of six children a year drown in backyard swimming pools in NSW, while a further 36 children a year suffer permanent brain injury as a result of pool accidents.

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