New Grant Available

Regional Relocation Grant The Regional Relocation (Home Buyers Grant) Act 2011 will operate for four years, commencing 1 July 2011. The scheme will provide applicants with a one-off payment of $7,000 to assist them with the cost of relocating from their metropolitan home to a regional home. The metropolitan area means the local government areas [...]

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Single National Network Conveyancing

The nation's only electronic conveyancing system is to be sacrificed to make way for a single national network. The decision to eliminate Victoria's $50 million system, known as ECV, was announced yesterday as part of a series of deals intended to cut the cost of buying a home by between $120 and $130. The national [...]

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First Home Benefits 2012

From January 2012 an eligible first home buyer will pay no stamp duty on the purchase of a new home, an off the plan purchase or vacant land with value up to $600,000 for new or off the plan and $450,000 for vacant land. For more information visit:

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7000 First Home Buyer Grant Scrapped

In its latest budget, the NSW Government has scrapped the $7,000 grant for first homebuyers, but investors who plan to buy a new property will receive incentives up to $35,240. From 1 October 2012, first homebuyers who buy a new property worth up to $650,000 will see their grant more than double to $15,000. This [...]

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Fire Safety Aged Care

Across NSW, over 60,000 people live in Commonwealth Government-accredited residential aged care facilities. A survey of Commonwealth accredited facilities in NSW, undertaken in early 2012, revealed that nearly 600 buildings containing 24,000 beds do not have sprinklers installed. This represents an estimated 55 per cent of existing residential aged care buildings. On 16 August 2012, [...]

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Your Pool Safe

The NSW state government has announced proposed legislation that will regulate safety compliance for an estimated 340,000 backyard pools in New South Wales.Pools will be required to be listed on a mandatory statewide register which will involve a new set of safety compliance obligations.How does the affect your sale or lease?The new regulations require the [...]

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Apartments Go Dogs

It has just become easier for NSW dog owners to keep their furry friend in their apartment. Pet-owning apartment and townhouse residents will no longer be faced with choosing between their furry friends and their homes when new strata laws come into effect. The NSW Fair Trading Minister, Anthony Roberts, confirmed in Parliament this week [...]

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New Home Grant Australians Only

The NSW government has announced effective 1 July 2014 that the New Home Grant will only be available to purchasers who are Australian citizens, Australian residents or an Australian owned body. For more informtaion please call Sydney Property Conveyancing on +61 2 89200200 or 1300 367 176 and visit

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Swimming Pools And Spas New Requirements Your Conveyance

Amendments to the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2010 will affect all pool and spa owners. Vendors will be required to supply a valid Certificate of Compliance or Non-Compliance as a part of their Contract for Sale. This requirement also applies to lots in strata schemes with two lots such as duplexes. The new provisions [...]

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